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On April 20, 2023 the Sun moves out of Aries a Cardinal Fire sign into Taurus a Fixed, Earth sign. If you were to follow the sequence of Aries to Taurus the movement would be from pushing ahead in your endeavors with drive and ambition to stabilizing your advances and reaching towards more structure and steadying the achievements so they have lasting ability. You are now fortifying your previous objectives with a lasting foundation through a much more steady approach.

Taurus, one of the fixed modalities (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius) seeks to stabilize and secure what it is building. Taureans are the ones who think about the future and make plans to safeguard the future with a lasting foundation. They seek stability and work hard to create security which can enable them to work their way through adversity and hard situations. Taureans are the builders of the Zodiac.

Those with strong Taurus influence in their birth chart (Sun in Taurus, planets in Taurus, links from the angles in the sign of Taurus or several planets in the second house) are hardworking, often the silent type and are known to be quite sensuous. Taurus loves beauty and often surround themselves with luxurious automobiles, beautiful clothing, furniture, and lavish surroundings. If they are not lucky enough to have these things in life, they often dream of them. They also enjoy the security of financial stability and many begin saving for their retirement when the rest of us are only thinking about it.

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