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Sun in Taurus in Astrology

We move into the sign of Taurus on April 21 this year and as we leave behind the sign of Aries the initiator and the first one forward, we take a much more conservative approach with the sign of Taurus. Taurus prefers the tried and tested route and is not comfortable rushing into situations as is an Aries individual. Taurus wants things to be measured out and needs solid ground from which to work. Taurus understands that hard work and perseverance provides a much greater chance for achieving your objectives than most any get rich quick schemes.

These individuals want to build a solid foundation and will work tirelessly in life to achieve this. This entails building a foundation on security and usually this relates to the security that finances can bring although they reach out for security in other ways as well. They do understand that security comes from within first, and they will work on themselves to find this place. They will then build security around them, such as a good solid career as this is a structured way of building up the finances either through adding a little bit to the bank role or by something that will not falter over time.

Taurus is a fixed earth sign. This means that they are stubborn and as most of us know, Taurus is known to be as stubborn as a bull. Once they make up their minds, it will be on very solid ground and they cannot easily be swayed. They learn from their mistakes although they are very careful not to make too many. They may even have to figure out things carefully before they move forward. This is not to say that they will not move ahead on their ideas or that their ideas may vary from one thing to another like many Gemini individuals, but that things have to be right and surety has to be in place before they will make their move.

Taurus individuals are slow to anger but beware when they do. They also take a long time to cool down.

As a friend, they are reliable and a constant companion; however once slighted, it may be difficult for them to forgive. They can hold on to grudges and slights far too long. Letting go of injustices against them in life is a hard lesson well learned.

Taurus is an earth sign suggesting that they are usually comfortable in the material world and will work diligently towards achieving something worthwhile on a material level in this life. They are practical and insistent on following a structured way of thinking, steadfast in their approach and secure in themselves. They are earthy individuals and enjoy the pleasures of the finer things in life, like a nice automobile, a beautiful home, comfortable furniture and good foods. They are also often quite sensual as they are connected to the earth.

In their sensuality, they will seek a reliable partner, one who is surefooted and willing to make sacrifices to continue moving in a foreword direction in life. Money is important to them but so is beauty. They will often be found buying luxury items and surrounding themselves with beauty. Venus is their ruling planet and Venus deals primarily with love, material rewards, and social conditions, especially when Venus is in transit.

Taurus individuals are strong, dependable and practical. You can count on your Taurus friend to have your back in times of trouble.


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