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On April 20, 2023, the Sun moved into Taurus. Please read our post from April 17 to read about Taurus and its traits.

Transiting Mercury has been in the sign of Taurus since April 4 then went retrograde April 21 @ 21° but moves direct May 15 at 5°. Mercury remains in Taurus until June 12 when it moves into the sign of Gemini.

Mercury conjunction the Sun in Taurus will activate the thinking process and there will be stages of planning and putting goals into practice for those that apply themselves. The retrograde cycle is the planning phase, and the direct motion is the “doing” stage. The mind will meld with goals and ambitions and will also formulate what action to take that is best suitable for this time. The house position in the Taureans chart will dictate what areas of life are involved and the direct conjunction period will be when the energies are at their strongest.

Jupiter moves into Taurus on May 17 and the North Node and Jupiter will be in direct conjunction at 2-4° from the later stages of May until about June 10ish. Those Taureans with this conjunction will be empowered to move in the direction of life they wish to take. The road ahead often opens during these times. Usually someone of significance comes into life and may aid this.

Jupiter expands and delivers opportunities for growth and good fortune while the North Node deals with your path ahead. Advancement is possible if the Taurean chooses to listen to what Astrology is translating from these aspects.

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