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SUN IN VIRGO, AUGUST 23, 2017 Part One

Those born with their Sun in the sign of Virgo could well be defined as conscientious, as everything that they put their hearts into is well done. They seek perfection in most all that they do. They give attention to detail, although they can get carried away and become overly fussy.

There is a tendency to worry too much because of this attention to detail. They see every little flaw in life and in others but see this to an extreme within themselves. They are quite thoughtful and caring individuals and have good intensions. Virgo individuals can be of great assistance to anyone in need. Because they truly care, some Virgos or Virgoans can become a little too interfering although their intent is simply to help. Service on some level is a major part of their personality.

Virgo is an earth sign (along with Taurus and Capricorn) and is known to be practical, earthy, dependable, conservative and often sensual. There is often a love for material comforts with aims to achieve financial security through dedicated hard work. If they carry their need for security in life to an extreme, they can become overly materialistic and worry about being able to preserve their wealth. As a result, some may begin preparing and saving retirement very early in life.

Everything must have its place with the traditional Virgo. If things are not in place, this is a clear indication that life is not in order and they are going through some sort of strife.

With the Sun in Virgo, there are a few other significators in the natal chart which might prove useful in determining specific characteristics. Check the house placement of the Sun in the birth chart. With any chart (not just Virgo), not only do we have the characteristics linked with our sun sign but the house placement carries the flavour of the natural sign ruler of that house. If, for example, you have your Virgo Sun in the first house, you also have Aries characteristics linked with the Virgo characteristics. A second house Sun will carry Taurus tendencies and a third house Sun will carry Gemini characteristics and so on.

Also take into consideration the decan that your Sun sign is in; each 10 degrees are defined by decans. If your Sun is within the first 10 degrees up to 9 degrees 59 minutes Virgo, you are a double Virgo. If your Sun sign is in the second 10 degrees so 10 to 19 degrees 59 minutes, you are Virgo/Capricorn and if your Sun sign is in the third 10 degrees so 20 to 29 degrees 59 minutes, you are Virgo/Taurus. This will bring to light more influences within the Sun sign delineation.

Part II of our Virgo write up will be posted Friday, August 25, 2017 in which we will touch on the aspect between transiting Neptune and the Sun in Virgo and its influence (a partial forecast).


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