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On August 23 the Sun moves from the fixed, fire sign of Leo into the mutable, earth sign of Virgo. Virgo carries with it tendencies where adaptability and change are often part of the personality. Virgo seeks to achieve the closest thing to perfection as opposed to Gemini (also a mutable sign) enjoys variety and does not care to seek out perfection. Virgo wants to create order and seeks to create something that is viable and useful. You can also explore the differences between Gemini, Sagittarius, and Virgo as these are all mutable signs at

Virgoans needs to have all their T’s crossed and I’s dotted. They want to do the ideal, flawless job and therefore are often well suited for service. As a builder, you can be sure that there are no short cuts taken and that everything is done to code. As an office worker, you can rely on them to do a good, thorough job and to be reliable and steadfast.

Virgoans see all the little flaws in life and particularly in the occupation or other areas where watching details is critical. They also pay a great amount of attention to their appearance and hygiene. Virgoans will see all their own personal little flaws during their daily routine. Virgoans should not be so hard on themselves and recognize that nothing is flawless. Enjoy life and have some fun and don’t take life so seriously. You will find that the anxiety from stress and routine might lessen a little as a result.

Virgoans can be good assistants and work well within a corporation but can also do well working for themselves. They can take orders but may find that they have better ideas on how to run things flawlessly than their superiors. Once their superiors recognize this, Virgoans may be heavily relied upon, and some are asked to do more than their share of responsibilities. Some Virgos need to watch for being used by others.

Happy solar return to all our Sun in Virgo individuals. Check out our post coming August 24 for a mini forecast for the upcoming solar year.

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