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When Mercury is closely conjunct the Sun but more than 17 minutes in separation, it is considered combust. When the Sun/Mercury conjunction is within 17 minutes or less it is Cazimi. This is considered a fortunate placement.

There are few people with Mercury and the Sun Cazimi but those that do have this in their chart are noted to have superior intellectual capabilities than normal. Mercury rules the intellect hence the connection to the intellect and mental abilities. Some Astrologers have linked this to mental abilities of the highest order.

Sun/Mercury Cazimi stabilizes the intellect although also making it flexible and easily adaptable to mental stimuli. Logic is often enhanced for those with Mercury and the Sun in the earth signs. This in most individuals strengthen the mind and enhance the capabilities for an informative responses. This does not necessarily mean that they will respond quickly but rather that they are having many different ideologies covering the material and forming an eventual solution or idea to move forward.

Mercury which is the natural ruler of Gemini and Virgo (although this Astrologer has some nagging questions if Virgo is ruled by Chiron) will enhance flexibility and creative potential along with the ability to move from one thought to another with ease. The sign and house positions will provide more information and hone in on what potential areas of life are involved and how the mind will operate.

For those with a Sun/Mercury Cazimi with their Sun/Mercury in Pisces, Scorpio or the 12th house or 8th house (or other indicators in the natal chart) this positioning can indicate illumination, enlightenment and spiritual advancement. There are other indicators in the natal chart that point in this direction but since we are discussing Sun/Mercury Cazimi, we thought we would give some insight to this potential here.

As always, the whole natal chart would have to be studied in full to get a clear picture of all possibilities.

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