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The Sun and Moon aspects within the Astrological natal chart are important.

On a parental level, the Sun represents our father or disciplinary parent while the Moon represents our mother or nurturing parent. Our parents are also linked to the MC and IC. In some cases, the sign and house positions of these luminaries will define our parents.

When transits and progressions involve our luminaries, they too often speak of our parents. Our parents certainly are not the only focus for these luminaries however as the Sun and Moon can also speak of our emotions (Moon) and our identity (Sun), among other things.

The aspects in our natal chart between the luminaries often depict the relationship between our parents and because of this, they also define the messages we received and internalized concerning our own part in this life (as man or woman) and our thinking of the opposite sex.

We would like to point out some important roles linked to the Sun and Moon.

The Sun as mentioned identifies our father and also the role that men or the more dominant individuals play in our lives. This can be an authority figure although in most cases the authority figure is represented by the planet Saturn.

The Moon on the other hand as mentioned is indicative of our mother or the role women or the nurturers play in our lives.

The Sun has to do with ego and is the ruler of the sign Leo, in which ego plays a significant role. The Moon, rules by Cancer, has to do with emotions and instincts.

The motto of the Sun is “I am”. The Sun is linked to self-assuredness, self-sufficiency, the urge for control of our destiny, our objectives and our goals.

The Moon has a direct connection to our emotional makeup and what we feel and what we know instinctively (thinking is related to the planet Mercury). The Moon is sometimes linked to intuition although the Moon’s placement by sign has a huge influence on this. The Moon has to do with our emotional security, our moodiness and reaction to outside influence as well as our internal dialogue. It also relates to our ability to moderate ourselves within our environment and our connection to others.

The Sun, on the other hand, along with Mars, is powerfully connected to our drive in life. The Moon describes how we go about satisfying our emotional needs. The Moon is our emotional connection to our world, while the Sun is our urge to satisfy our desire to succeed.

When deciphering the aspects between the Moon and our Sun placement, as with all aspects, the closer the aspect is to being direct, the more important it becomes in the Astrology chart. It is also important to recognize that applying aspects (moving towards each other) are more relevant than separating aspects (moving apart). If, for example, the Sun and Moon are in conjunction and they are in the sign Libra and the Sun is at 7 degrees Libra while the Moon is at 10 degrees Libra, this is a separating aspect. If things were the other way around, so the Moon were at 7 degrees and the Sun were at 10 degree then this would be an applying aspect. When the faster moving planet is moving towards the slower moving planet this is called an applying aspect while if the faster moving planet is moving away from the slower moving planet this is called a separating aspect.

Much will depend on the aspects between these two luminaries and also how they are related to other aspects within the birth chart. The sign and house position carry greater weight and help define these energies and how they will relate to each other. Do not forget that the house placement will be the areas of life that generates activity. The sign is how this energy is released and its manner of expression. The aspect will characterize how these energies pan out and whether they are working together in harmony or against one another in discord.

By analysing the Sun, Moon and Ascendant in an individual’s chart, you will have a worthy idea of who this person is, along with the best way to approach them.

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