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Late today (April 19, 2021), the Sun moves from the Cardinal, Fire sign of Aries into the Fixed, Earth sign of Taurus.

If Taurus is strong in your chart, you are considered stable and reliable. You would be an individual seeking security. Those that have reached security either through material abundance or financial success may also find that they are more entrenched in this security from within. Security can make its way into our lives through many different channels, although an attitude of security is our greatest asset or a defiant obstruction.

Most Taurus individuals want to be known for their even temper, although they can be subject to outbursts, but not very often. They are usually slow to anger but often hold on the grudges and feel hurt more than they are willing to admit. If you cross these individuals, it is hard for them to forget. Trust is a valuable attribute and a huge part of their comfort level.

As mentioned, security is important for the typical Taurus individual. Many Taureans think and prepare for retirement early in life, slowly increasing wealth or security through property or business enterprise. A Taurus individual will not go into business without being prepared, however. They do not like change and will persevere through much adversity rather than make significant changes. If they do take that step, you know it has been in the back of their mind for a long time. They do not like to take chances and like the tried, tested and true.

Most Taureans (being ruled by the planet Venus) are known for being quite sensual and often have strong physically attractive bodies. Love and affection are important factors and they do not take love connections lightly. When in love, they give it their all, although in some cases this begins to surface in later years. They are dependable in many ways and stick by their loved ones for the long haul. If they decide to split from their partner, they have profound reasons behind their choice.

In 2021, those with their Sun between 9-14 degrees in Taurus will have transiting Uranus conjunction their Sun sign. This suggests that changes of varying sorts take place and often in unusual ways. Some will seek to find freedom from anything that has held them in a place (in reality they did not want to be there) and move in a different direction. Much will depend on the house placement of the Sun in the birth chart as this is the area of life that offers up a new direction and perhaps a break from tradition.

If your Sun is in an earlier degree, then this might have taken place prior to this birthday and if your Sun is later than 14 degrees, you can expect things to change as Uranus nears your natal Sun.

Uranus’s action can be abrupt and sudden and often it takes place unexpectedly but fosters in a change that is required at that point in your life. The way things were prior to this change needed some revamping and, in some cases, a total change. It likely will not be an easy change even though it is what is required.

If affected by this aspect, the path in life moves in a new direction.

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