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Information about our path in life, our self-expression and most any other thing about who we are and the journey we are taking can be outlined in our Astrology chart.

An Astrology chart is a road map of our life’s journey and can be very indicative of the view that we experience along the way. It defines our upbringing, our emotional interaction, our expression and thought process, our love expression or lack thereof and our sense of wellbeing just to touch on some examples. The birth or natal chart is the snapshot of our lives written in the language of an Astrologer and forever embedded in our consciousness.

The Sun characteristics are a definition of our inner self. It indicates the path we will follow and is suggestive of our goals in life and our self-expression. The Sun by aspect also describes our experience with our father or the more masculine parent and our concepts of this individual. The Sun is tied to our path. The aspects to it will in part define how we move ahead in life and will define obstructions on the path. It will give us indicators of how we can use the energies to our advantage as we propel ourselves forward in life.

Our focus today is the Sun Square Mars in the birth or natal chart. We will focus on what this aspect would suggest in a birth chart. With the Sun square to Mars especially by tight aspect, this individual would feel as though life has to be fought in order to win or move ahead. It would be suggestive that this will not be an easy journey, but the energy of a square does provide the push to move beyond barriers that stand in the way of life’s progress and this individual will strive to overcome any adversity. Mars and the Sun are similar in that they are both linked to achievement, energy and drive in life. With the square aspect, work is required on some level, much is dependent upon the signs of Mars and the Sun, as well as the houses they are located in within the birth chart. The challenge for this individual would be to move through adversity and strive to make something out of self. This may be from an internal perspective but can also be based on outer achievements and a strong push to succeed at their life’s endeavors.

The Sun, as mentioned, does represent the father or more masculine or disciplinarian parent. With the square to Mars, it is often representative of a battle on some level with this parent. This may have been in physical terms as they may have had an argumentative disposition which could create combative and challenging situations. This parent may also have been the propelling force behind promoting self which in turn pushed for achievement. This parent may have been aggressive or gruff in their behaviour and they may have used forceful tactics to achieve what was important to them. This parent probably had to fight for success just as the child (subject of the astrology chart) most likely will have to. The relationship between the two, this individual with the aspect and their parent in question, may not have been easy, but hopefully the individual with this aspect can find a way of understanding their parent’s motives. This parent may feel that in order to achieve it is important to push one’s self and that the road of life may not be an easy one, so the parent’s methods may not be considered passive and gentle.

If the energies of this aspect are used appropriately, this individual will find a way to push past any obstruction and will have a strong drive to conquer anything that stands in their way. This aspect will promote strength and determination to succeed regardless of intrusion and will build character and an inner determination as time passes.

If the energies are not used appropriately, this individual may give in to the pressures of life and feel that it is useless to pursue any goals of meaning because of the hurdles that seem to stand in the way.

It is important to understand that all challenges within the natal chart can learn and overcome. Once we have learned from the challenges, we building strength and endurance; and we learn to recognize that we can conquer anything with the right approach.

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