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Mini Forecast for those with Sun in Scorpio

Neptune will be going direct once again on November 22, 2017. Neptune will then stay direct until June 18, 2018. While in its direct motion, Neptune characterizes such attributes as idealism and romanticism. It also connects with such things as art, music and acting. Neptune deals with mysticism and spirituality and our connection to the higher realms. It can bring forth visions, inspirational writing, poetry and can heighten our psychic abilities.

In its more adverse energies, it deals with deception and suffering. It can reflect our inability to see things with total clarity and reflects misconceptions about ourselves especially when connected by adverse aspects to your Scorpio Sun.

Neptune moves about 1 to 2 degrees in forward motion in one year, so its effects while transiting any planet can be long lasting. In some cases, its energies can be debilitating. In contrast, its energies can be truly inspirational during the periods it is making contact in our lives. Even under the free flowing energies of a trine or the opportunistic aspect of a sextile, it is still wise to obtain input from those you trust (and are not being influenced by the magical forces of a Neptunian aspects). Neptune actually becomes more realistic and is generous when it is releasing its energies.

When Neptune is trine to the Sun, you may find that your attention is leaning towards the intangible. You may find that the psychic realms, spirituality and mysticism come to the surface especially for those that have ignored such areas of concern before this aspect. You may find that materialistic concerns seem to go by the wayside and you search for something with a deeper meaning ....something that is more relevant than let’s say your job or buying that new car. Materialistic concerns are not that important when you are experiencing Neptune’s energies.

Some under this influence will move in directions of offering their time to charity organizations or will do volunteer work because they are searching for a deeper meaning to their otherwise unrewarding lifestyle. Ego has to be put aside as personal concerns do not seem to be important under these energies. You recognize the challenges that others may be experiencing and you would love to help them in some way. You may just not be sure how to go about moving in this direction. It is best just to move ahead and see what happens. It is usually a very rewarding experience.

As mentioned earlier, your creativity will flow, and you can create art or write poetry that can stir much imagination. You may be inspired to write and you should follow your heart at this time. Inspiration stems from within and your connection to self in a more spiritual sense may be expanding, especially if Jupiter is part of this process. The creative juices are flowing and some will do their best work under these conditions. Remember whatever you put in place at this time can be reviewed when Neptune goes into retrograde once again in June of 2018.

Neptune increases your sensitivity, and your perception into other people is magnified at this time. You can work this in your favour and help others in their plight. You have the opportunity and the will to assist them in ways you never thought you could. Make sure you use these energies in ways that benefit others but also open the door to a clearer understanding of the mystical side of your own personal life. You can use these energies in positive ways and the worst thing you can do is to do nothing but dream about what is possible.

Neptune will be between 11 and 16 degrees in Pisces during this period, and you can have a look at the other planets around this degree in your natal chart. See how the energies play out in your life. You can use an orb of 3-5 degrees approaching and 2-4 degrees separating. Make sure you look at the houses being influenced by this transit. This will tell you what areas of life are being stimulated.

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