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Letting go of the outcome is not giving up or releasing your control. We never lose control of our attitude and reaction to life’s events. We are always devising ways to reach the summit of our life’s quest. We are not at the mercy of life. We are never in a situation where we are forced to give up unless of course, we choose to do so.

Surrender or allowance is an antidote to despair. Quite the opposite of what many of us may think. By allowing life lessons to teach us instead of going down kicking and screaming and fighting a lesson that we must learn, we release the struggle. At the very least we eliminate some stress; at best, we can actually enjoy the lesson. Our choices are to take the route easily traversed or to take the road that takes extreme effort to reach the end. Which road do you prefer to take?

Surrender means to accept what life sends your way and use what is at hand. It is certainly not to releasing all responsibility. The direction we take in life is largely in our hands. We are constantly manifesting with our every thought, our every action.

With letting go and accepting with the acknowledgement that the course has been set in motion and life will unfold the way it should, it is easier to understand that by letting go we accept the inevitable and make the journey much easier. We can consciously move ahead with our quest making plans and alterations along the way. Once life begins to unfold accordingly, we can let go of the outcome. The final outcome unfolds as it should but certainly not always as we plan. Our investment in our own personal creation is irreplaceable but openness to faith and guidance by spirit and source is immeasurable.

Since we are spirit currently in the form of a human expression and source is our link to totality, we are in control of the final outcome even when we fail to recognize this. Letting go of the outcome brings the perfect outcome our way.

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