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Synastry and Composite charts can be prepared when two people first meet or when there is an ongoing relationship. These charts provide clues into the nature and function of the relationship. The relationship can be emotional, business or otherwise. These Chart reveal the compatibility of the individuals involved and provide insight into how both the easy flow energies and the more challenging energies of the relationship will flow.

The Composite chart uses the calculated midpoint of all the planets and angles. Synastry charts are the comparison between two individuals using their natal charts and then looking for aspects between the two charts.

Either chart can be prepared for two individuals (business partners, life partners, parent/child relationship, sibling relationship, and the list goes on). Any two individuals can have these types of charts prepared, however to have either of these charts prepared an accurate birth time, date of birth and place of birth for both individuals are required.

There are challenging aspects in most charts and sometimes areas that lack specific energies. The charts can indicate if the other individual has to bring resolution to any issue or bring further difficulties into place. The energies and type of aspect will often denote what to expect and how to overcome the adversity or how to manipulate the energies in such a way to promote positivity into the relationship.

Both the Composite and the Synastry charts are very detailed. There is much to be revealed using this method and insight that can prove to be quite valuable.

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