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For the duration of March, T Jupiter and Chiron will be in conjunction. Jupiter which moves about 1° every 4 or 5 days will move out of orb towards the end of March but they form a tight conjunction on March 12. Chiron moves about 1° approximately every 3 weeks.

They conjunct in the sign of Aries, which implies that you will have to do the work. Depend on no one else and take control of healing whatever needs healing at this time. In some cases you can help facilitate this healing for others but in most cases this is directed towards what needs to be done for you. Question what you need and how to activate this into your life.

Jupiter (the greater benefic) can provide what is needed especially when other indicators in the chart suggest the same (eg positive aspects to your Sun or Ascendant). However Jupiter, known to expand on things if poorly aspected, can indicate that the challenge that is being faced is now at a maximum and needs your immediate attention.

The opportunity is in place for healing regardless of other indicators in the chart and if we use these energies well and push ahead much can be accomplished. The area of life will be indicated by the houses involved and an angle or planet in the natal chart will have to be activated for this to have influence in your life. The conjunction especially with inner planets or opposition will magnify this placement. Use an orb of up to 5-7° for this placement to be active in your chart.

Many times this signifies a new beginning especially if Pluto is involved (something comes to an end in order for something new to begin). It can also speak of spiritual alignment and healing that needs to take place especially if Neptune and the 6th or 12th houses are involved. If the 2nd or 8th houses are part of the picture then finances and security may be part of the picture. If the MC or IC are involved the parents may be involved. If the Ascendant and DC are involved relationships are often part of the process.

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