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We continue our look at the energies of Jupiter moving through the houses from our posts on November 26 and" target="_blank"> November 29, 2021.

Jupiter moving through the ninth house, which is its natural position, often relates to religious matters, spirituality, and higher learning either through the classroom or the schooling of life. Sometimes legal matters move towards a better resolution. Long-distance travel can also be indicated. Much can be learned at this time through interchange with foreigners. Life philosophies are often reviewed, and a more open approach is part of the learning potential at hand.

Jupiter in the tenth house often has positive connections with the occupation and life’s status. There may be recognition. The tenth house energies are connected to our career, but it is also connected with goals and aspirations. This is a good time to move forward in these directions. Growth in business is often linked to this placement. Life’s status often improves.

Jupiter in the eleventh house has to do with opportunities with friends and acquaintances. Perhaps assistance is offered at a crucial time in life. Perhaps it is time to join a group of like-minded individuals and promote peace or assistance in your corner of the world. Friends seem to come into life and offer insight for our hopes and wishes.

Finally, when Jupiter moves through the twelfth, its energies are linked to spirituality and giving. Life has many lessons if you choose to delve beneath the surface and uncover what needs to come to light. Service on many levels is part of the picture (the sixth house also speaks of service). Perhaps this might be linked to the working environment or working in places of confinement like hospitals and/or infirmaries.

When Jupiter crosses the cusp of any house, its energies are at their peak in the area represented by that house. This is true for all planets and especially when planets conjunct the angles. The Ascendant and Midheaven are significant areas of activity, first and foremost and then the IC and DC.

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