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Saturn tends to restrict and delay things. When Saturn conjuncts your Ascendant and up to 5° separating from your Ascendant, it may seem as though obstacles stand in the way of personal progress. What you wish would move ahead in a smooth and steady motion now seems held back. Your plans and goals become hard to reach and although you may be working to advance something always gets in the way.

Some Astrologers have found that Saturn has its most profound effects at 2° past being direct in any aspect. This is possibly due to its delaying effect. When Saturn is in retrograde and moving across your Ascendant for the second time you may find that things move a little easier or seem to be working more favourably but great effort is still required. Saturn in retrograde works more favourably than while in its direct motion. It is the only planet to function at a higher level of efficiency while in retrograde.

Be diligent and do the work necessary to reap the rewards that hard work and persistence can/will bring. Saturn although known as the disciplinarian and teacher also offers rewards for hard work. Saturn creates concrete results and progress but not without some obstruction along the way.

The Ascendant is a very personal placement, and you may find that the way you present yourself to the world is being affected by this transit. You may feel depressed, anxious and subject to mood swings and worries that you normally would not entertain. This can be a challenging time as Saturn never makes things easy. Watch for feelings of never reaching your goal or seeking out personal flaws. If the truth is challenging, see what you can do to make personal changes that will alter this. There is much that can be accomplished during this critical period in your life which only happens every 29 years.

Relationships may be hindered in some way; your goals and aspirations may also be going through a trying period and security may be impeded or thwarted. Know that this too will pass and as Saturn moves out of orb (5°) what you went through will have been worth it. The changes that can take place over time may prove to be quite beneficial although tough to handle as they were taking place.

Reaching personal goals may not be easy and some suggest that you wait until Saturn’s energy has passed as things may move along at a much steadier pace with greater results.

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