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Take Time to Enjoy

In your busy day whether you are working away from home, working at home or lucky enough to be retired, take time to enjoy the moment. Even when the workload is heavy and you wonder how you will be able to get things done; take time to enjoy the moment. There is always time in your day for you to stop, to recharge your battery and to reflect on just how lucky you are. Be grateful for your job no matter how busy. There are countless others that would love to have that job. Enjoy that moment.

If the kids are frustrating you, take a moment and enjoy the fact that you can share the moment with them. They are truly a gift, and you are the lucky caregiver. One day they will move on. They are only young for such a short period. Even the teenage years, which have very tedious moments, are very short lived. Enjoy the moment.

Take the time each day to stop and smell the roses and to pay attention to your surroundings. Be thankful--truly thankful.

If you are out of work and searching for a job, any job, be thankful that you are able to look and know that you will eventually find one. But during this time of search, stop and take the time to think of all the blessings you have in your life. Take time to enjoy.

If you have just lost someone dear to you, whether through illness or other circumstances, be thankful for the time you shared and understand that destiny prevails. Be thankful for the memories, but move forward with your life. Although they may be gone, their memories live on as does their spirit. You are never alone. Your loved ones are with you especially in your darkest hours. Know this and be thankful.

Take at least a moment in your day to be truly thankful. It is certainly a gift and we can share this gift in so many ways. Be thankful for being able to share this life with others. Life is a blessing and it is there for the living. Be thankful!

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