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Teaching Our Young

Many of us question what it is that they have come into this life to do. There are many answers to this question from obvious simple answers to complicated underlying answers. Today we are going to look at teaching our young that there is more to life that simply eating, enjoying and sleeping.

There is a bigger picture and putting this simply, we are here to spread a consciousness of love. This is the basis to all happiness and it is not found outside of oneself. Self-love is the first step to loving others. How can we love others if we have not found a way to love ourselves?

This is the simple message that we must provide to our little ones. We can only do this through teaching them to have self-assurance and be comfortable with self so that they too learn self-love. We can help them understand that they have to love themselves before they can spread that love outwards. We can reassure them that there are wonderful qualities within and that it is okay to bring these qualities out regardless of what others may think. The earlier they realize that expressing themselves in an open manner without restriction, the earlier they will value their personal qualities.

As they learn early in life to undo some of the handcuffs that we as an earlier generation had to unlock later in our lives, the sooner they can come to terms with their true identity. Reassure them that it is perfectly normal to express their most secret world with those that will listen without judgement. Allow them to share their knowledge and experiences with spirits as they are so open and familiar with this truth.

Introduce them to the recognition that ego does not have to have a strong-hold on them like it did on those born earlier than them. Reassure them that mistakes are stepping stones to learning and they are not wrong but that they can be misled. Be the example for them of what a positive attitude can provide so that they are confident individual far beyond the ego.

Allow them to build on their own dreams and teach them the positive use of dream making. Ensure them that they are their own creators in life and that we manifest in our lives all those things through where our thoughts are focused. Allow them to understand that they can channel their lives in any direction they want.

Allow them to see the real world around them so that they are aware that there are lost individuals in this world but that they do not have to join these individuals for their journey is a choice. At the same time, we must allow them to respect others and their beliefs. Allow them to realize that their expectations will eventually mold their reality.

The earlier we can allow them to realize these truths, the earlier they can begin to mold their reality. Allow them to realize how the mind works and what focuses are required to manifest the positive in life. Let them accept that when hard lessons are presented that they will learn and then bounce back from any adversity. Allow them to understand that life moves us in many directions and it will push us in many ways but it is always the journey we are supposed to take.

Above all else, allow them to see that perfect example before them. Live your life to prove to them the truths of life so that they learn directly from your example. Give them the tools early in life so that they can become masters at creation early. Always remain their teacher and their companion. Always be ready, willing and able to help them whenever called upon for this is what a parent should be. Sometimes, being that perfect teacher we must allow them to make their own mistakes to build stepping stones to their next leg of their journey. We cannot take their lessons away from them but we can assure them that these lessons will mold them into the perfect person they are suppose to be.


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