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Testimonial JC

The astrology chart you typed up for me is one of the most accurate and most encompassing reflections I've encountered. So much so that I had to ask a family member if she had given any information about me prior to you completing the chart. I found it took quite a few read-through's to understand and digest all of the information. I think the overall presentation of the booklet is very impressive. I enjoyed how you are able to write with clarity. I found that the precision of your writings is present amongst concepts that are vague and have blurred lines. It's interesting how you are able to use astrological methods to explain various faucets of life. I was wondering as well as how you are able to write with insight into various personality traits, and if you incorporate knowledge of psychic ability to accomplish this?

I was initially interested in getting an astrology chart done because I have found myself going through an interesting phase in life, and I feel like it is important for me to understand what I'm going through, in order to prepare for the future. This booklet put into words a lot of things I have been unable to explain, and has helped me understand more about myself. Reading this definitely made me more aware of limitations I may set upon myself, and increased my awareness of obvious personality traits that I choose to ignore. I think it helps to read something like this with an open mind and ability to accept oneself despite the reaction to the negative, and know there's always room for improvement.

Thank you for making this astrology chart for me. I found it very insightful and should prove a useful tool.

JC, Barrie,ON

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