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Staying focused and on course with our higher objectives no matter what the circumstances is the true test of our path. These tests only serve to verify our true potential, strength and resolve.

Life IS a testing ground. It is important to adjust our mental attitude during life lessons and continually adapt in ways to help facilitate this necessary growth. We can not only navigate through any ground breaking experiences but we can also grow immensely from the experience. Once the lesson is complete, our life experience is enriched from the lesson learned.

We are strong.......beyond our comprehension. We are capable of not only managing but flourishing as a result of any life event. We have more than enough strength to not only grow from these lessons but to also motivate others to help themselves when they too are experiencing a more challenging period in their lives. There are many who are not aware of their own inner strength. Through our own experiences we can assist those that would appreciate help to understanding the experiences being presented to them.

Many of us are just awakening to our own potential. Once we learn that our abilities are ingrained, we learn to call upon our gifts any time we need to use them. These are always at our disposal and the only thing that holds us back is our own recognition of and faith in our abilities. We are our own greatest obstacle. Release your self doubt and you remove these obstacles.

Life is a continual lesson. Life is a testing ground of our faith. Many lessons are best taught from a physical level of understanding. Remember that you are spirit having an earthly experience not the other way around.

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