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Thank You

We would like to send out a special thanks to all of you who participated in our second Semi-annual Focus on Inner & World Peace on September 26, 27 & 28. With our jointed efforts, we have sent out a clear energy message of our concerns for self and for all of our brothers and sisters of this world through our own particular expression. Thank you for all of your intentions and work towards fostering a better place for each of us to live both inside and out.

It is hard to say how the ripple effect has impacted the lives of those that we have touched, but suffice to say that our intention was genuine and came from a place of love. As we sends out these rays of hope, love and positive intentions, these wonderful expressions returned to us. Remember, today we are the seeds of tomorrow’s fruit. Our reality consists of our thoughts, expressions and intentions. Live, breathe and be the change that you meditated and/or prayed for. Live, breathe and be the love that “is” on a constant basis in our lives.

It is Holm Astrology’s firm commitment through our focus and writings to continue to send out messages of love and compassion into our world and to spark self reflection.

Again, thank you everyone for joining us to promote inner and world peace. Please keep these great intentions flowing.

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