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The Art of Forgiveness

During times of extreme hurt or disappointment due to our reaction to someone else’s actions or lack of action, are we still able to forgive? Are we able to separate ourselves from the mind’s and the ego’s reaction? Are we strong and secure enough not to feel hate and bitterness towards this individual? Regardless of the action, do you have the strength to forgive? How can you move forward beyond this hurt or disappointment?

We physically and emotionally hurt ourselves when we allow ourselves to feel hostility, revenge and hate. Forgiveness is not an easy task, especially when atrocious acts have been carried out. Letting go and moving forward can be difficult, as the mind and the ego relentlessly wants some type of justice or revenge. Things may not seem fair and in many cases they are not, but somehow we must learn to forgive even the most dreadful actions.

Hanging on to hate and wanting vengeance actually works against us, causing disease and stress. Are we not lowering our standards or ideologies by allowing these dark emotions continual life? Do these emotions not stand in our way of moving forward in our spiritual development?

How can we learn to forgive when someone takes away something we treasure, like our resilience, our serenity or our hope?

There are many reasons why others act out in ways that we do not understand and cause at times agonizingly painful experiences. Some of these individuals come from horrific backgrounds that we would not want to ever dream of. Does this negate their actions? No; but perhaps one day they will fully comprehend the results of their actions.

To live your life in pursuit of justice and to be filled with hate and the need for revenge can only provide you with a place of sorrow, anger, resentment and dis-ease. This place can never offer solace or peace. Letting go and forgiving is perhaps the hardest thing that you will have to do in your life but one that you have to do for yourself.

Forgiveness is the ultimate goal and this generates the ability for more inspiring, productive untold stories to surface.......stories, events that are waiting to be released. Karma will be the judge and the jury, and it does not need your input. Allow love to grow even from the darkest corners of your being and watch the repercussions of this action. This is the story waiting to be told. Inspiration cannot bloom in the darkness of hate and sorrow.

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