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The Changing World We Know

Our immediate and extended world is continually going through transformations, some that are very apparent and others that are of a much more subtle nature.

Paying attention to the subtle nature of our changes can open our minds to the changes that are taking place within the framework of our belief system. You may be discovering that there are facets of your being which were not apparent previous to this point in time and some of these discoveries may not be all that pleasant.

In order to facilitate transformation into a spiritual transcendent state, we must first recognize and accept those parts of our earthly person which need to be nurturing or releasing. These issues, behaviours or traits undoubtedly developed over our lifetime and now this awareness has surfaced so that see them for what they are and then makes changes or delete them from our being. As long as we own these qualities they exist and are part of our makeup. Letting go of undesirables can be a relatively easy task once we accept that they exist and then foster a belief structure that allows us to transform them into something positive.

This is part of the awakening process and as we deplete their hold (as some take time to relinquish), we bring forth a part of ourselves that may have been hidden to us until now. We challenge those traits and habits that oppose our ultimate goal – easily dismissing them in some cases altogether and then replace them with qualities often somewhat opposite to the habits or characteristics we have conquered or reduced.

It takes time and honesty. We cannot eradicate these qualities or habits unless we are totally honest with ourselves and realize that these things that were once hidden to us are actually there and we are ready to liberate ourselves from them.

Initially upon recognizing these qualities, they seem anything but acceptable. As we make changes, even in just our attitude, these habits or characteristics begin to soften and break up clearing way for more positive energies and attitudes.

As we open the channels to love and accept ourselves, hurdles that once appeared to be immovable, dissolve before our eyes. We are here to love, to be happy and enjoy life. We have the ability to share this with others simply by being. Do not let the everyday events of life cloud your judgement of yourself and the life that you are living. Happiness is a choice, not something that can be purchased or found.

You and you alone manifest into being the person you want to be. There is always work to be done but this work can be enjoyable. If we take to time to study, we slowly but surely come to an understanding of our spiritual nature and realize that we are spiritual beings housed in a physical body. This is our true nature and in understanding this, we can unlock our true selves and become acquainted with the one that dwells within.

We in our earthly forms strive to stay connected with our spiritual self, our inner light and with the oneness that we all share.

Life unfolds exactly as it should, and we cannot hurry this process. We move along at our own speed and awaken when we are ready. Be content in knowing that the journey has begun.

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