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Fire signs in Astrology are exuberant in their energy. They are stimulating, independent and often self-motivated, but can at times become too intense when trying to reach their objectives. Most are energetic and enthusiastic and have a great drive to achieve. In general they are self-confident and rely on themselves in most situations. They are spontaneous in their reactions to life events and often impulsive; some can even be rash in their decision making.

They enjoy a fast paced life and will zealously go after what they want. The key is that they want it. They become quite motivated when in search for something that holds their interest and will relentlessly pursue whatever they have their sights on until they either have it or realize that they just can’t have it. When they come to this conclusion most fire sign people can shift and pick up the pieces and begin again, often with just as much enthusiasm as with their first goal.

Those that are weak in the element fire can easily become pessimistic with life and prefer to remain low-key and uninvolved in life’s endeavours, unlike someone with an emphasis in fire. Those lacking fire are not overly expressive and often can withhold themselves. Those that feel that they have a shortage in some area of life, either become restricted by life and choose to remain in the background, or become overly expressive in order to move beyond these limitations.

Many lacking in fire need to be motivated in order to achieve in life and will look to others to push them forward. Self-motivation can become a real challenge. Being less involved than most and not overly fascinated by life, these individuals can become depressed by having no direction to follow and little push to succeed.

Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are all fire signs and the angular houses, (the first, fourth, seventh and tenth houses) are all driven by a want to achieve and move forward in life. These houses accentuate action and when these cusps are involved in transit or progression, life happens.

I personally use a specific counting system when defining whether there is an element that is emphasized or has a short fall in a chart. I give the Sun and Moon two counts each and the rest of the planets one count. I also give the sign on the ascendant and midheaven one count and when a planet is between the 29th degrees in one sign and 0 degrees of the next, both signed share one count in both elements. Elements with a count of 6 and higher are considered pronounced. If there is a count of one or zero in a chart, these individuals would be considered lacking in that element.

In determining if there is a weakness of fire in a chart, you can use Mars in a fire sign to compensate for this weakness, or if it is closely tied to an angle, this will soften the lack. Also if Mars is located in a fire house particularly in the first house, or if it is conjunct to the Sun or if there is an emphasis in cardinal, the fire element would not be considered to be lacking in the birth chart.

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