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After a life of many gains and many losses and you are lying on your death bed, what do you think your last thoughts will be?


Which of your accomplishments will still hold significance? Will you be focused on your accomplishments? As you draw your last breath, what will matter most?

Many individuals strive throughout their lives to attain material gains, to achieve, to be recognized, to gain acknowledgement and approval. Will your achievements from a material point of view really matter in the end? Does a rich individual carry forward any type of wealth from a life of material gain? What is their legacy?

What do you want your legacy to be?

How do you want to be remembered?

All material goals at some point have to be left behind. What then is the true purpose of material goals?

If we live long enough to retire, anything that was significant and had meaning in our working world is also left behind. What we did, the authority that we had is fleeting upon retirement. Our accomplishments may be remembered by some but the person is soon forgotten. We may have created change within the business that will serve those that follow up in a very beneficial way but we personally as an individual will never be known to those that come after us. Is this important?

What are your thoughts? What do these questions stir up in you?

It is not our purpose here to place judgement on material wealth. The purpose of this post is to provoke thought. Please know that you are quite welcome to share your thoughts.

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