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They say we have freedom of choice. We have the freedom to believe in and to follow whatever we choose. Therefore, we also have the right to decide on what not to believe and what not to follow.

We can follow whatever path we choose, including any train of thought.

Go deep within and pay particular attention to what makes you nervous, anxious and/or creates fear and stress. Although life events do twist our perception at times, we are still the ones who choose which thoughts and beliefs that we follow. We DO have this control.

There is a great difference between knowing something is factual and believing that something is factual. Learn the difference and don’t believe everything that you see (this can be deceiving), hear or have learned. People share information (mostly with good intensions) but there is so much misinformation. We must rely on common sense. Because the majority of people believe or the general consensus says it is true, does not make it so. When you hear or learn something, what is your gut reaction?

Our inner feedback can be very reliable and then we can do your due diligence. Don’t believe all that is presented to you.

Ask yourself, “How am I reacting to what I am hearing or reading?”

Life’s focus and the mind’s interaction build reality over time. Does what you are focusing on or listening to leads to peace and happiness?

In many cases what we know is half the truth and has been altered and exaggerated so much that now it holds only portions of truth. Exaggerated news draws in readers/listeners which in turn can bring, for example, monetary gain. Exaggeration can push people to support personal stances that may be biased or create a feeling of control.

You have the right to choose which road you to follow. Keep in mind that where you place your focus simply magnifies more of the same. Ask yourself, “if I understand the practice of the mind’s focus why do I hold onto or run with issues or concepts that make me feel uncomfortable, stressed or fearful?”

Change what you can. Accept what you must. Engulf yourself with all that makes you feel peaceful and filled with gratitude. Make your choices wisely.

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