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What can we do for ourselves that might lift us from the heaviness that we sometimes feel?

Do the seasons of life add heaviness, indifference or love to our life?

Many of us spend countless hours searching for the perfect gifts for those we love with the hopes that the perfect gift will bring them joy. It certainly is a special time of year for most of us as spring is here and although the news has been gloomy of late, we can still fill ourselves with the spirit of love and celebrate this day (today).

Every day should be a day of joy, love and giving. We can focus on these rather than spend another minute caught up in the endless bombardment of negativity, war, health and sorrow. Do not own the hopelessness but share in the light of giving.

Giving is not just for others. Be sure to give to yourself something of meaning whether it be a quiet moment for self reflection or a day of pampering. Celebrate who you are and recognize your daily efforts.

It is a time for giving (and we are not referring to material “things”). It is a time for love. It is a time for spending quality time with those that matter. It is a time to gather and share in our blessings and to acknowledge and appreciate all life has to offer.

Share your love and recognize the love that surrounds you.

Find that special place within.

Share your life with others not because it is needed in our world, but because the moment is now, because today is today.

The same will hold true for tomorrow and the day that follows. Make each and every day a special day to celebrate.

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