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The Gift of Giving

As we venture forth in our life’s journey discovering our lost or forgotten pieces to the puzzle, what will prevail when you take time to reflect? What will your quest reveal? How will you manifest your dreams? What are your significant dreams not only yourself but for the world at large?

You may ask, “What can I do to make significant changes in this world?” “I am just one person.” “How can I as an individual help maneuver our world in such a way that we will all gain from my efforts?”

These are earnest questions and often we will find ourselves asking them as we feel helpless and look for answers.

Most of us go to great depths to search for clues that will help define our individual purpose. We hope that some piece of the puzzle that we discover will perhaps shed new light on our purposes and abilities, but we resolve that until then we sit and wait for direction to facilitate this purpose. Many individuals earnestly think that the transformation has to be grand and take place on a global scale.

It is clear that our world financial system does not work. The stock markets are volatility and many worry about our finances. A great number of people live on so very little and struggle to get by and to obtain the bare essentials. Some are fighting for their lives, but to most of us, this struggle and fight does not seem real. We live within the comforts of our homes and most of us have the option to eat at least a couple of nutritious meals a day. It is difficult to comprehend the horrendous state some people live in. We must be truly grateful and count our blessings on how good we actually have it.

Did you know that the average wage earner in the world is just shy of $18,000/year? If we take the total income earned in the world and divide this total income by the total number of people in the world, the average income is just under $10,000 per person per year accordingly to a BBC new report. Compare your annual income to these figures?

We DO live a privileged life, and yes we do experience upheavals from time to time. Overall, however, we are blessed and very fortunate to live under the conditions that most of us take for granted.

How can we be of service to those less fortunately than us? What can we do?

We can offer assistance through many of the world organizations. We can help right here and give to our local food banks. We can share our time with seniors and those who are lonely. We can share a gentle smile or provide a helping hand to anyone that would benefit from our help.

You may think to yourself well these are small steps. These steps may seem that way, but working together these steps can manifest into states of wellness, happiness and thankfulness, and these are all attributes that each and every one of us can benefit from.

The importance of our actions is not based on the material value of what you do. It is the emotion and survival value that should be of importance. It matters that we share, care and love throughout each and every day that we are blessed to experience this earthly encounter. We can all manifest these attributes; they are within our potential.

We all need a starting point. Will you start today? Who knows what ripple affect your giving, your loving concern and/or your compassionate voice will have on someone in need. Share your blessings and do it from your heart.

Do not waste this life waiting and looking for your purpose. Live your life and help to facilitate change. Begin in your own back yard which will ripple and eventually reach outward touching many in our world.

Be the change that you would like to see in this world. Your efforts will be fruitful and in turn, you too will reap the rewards.

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