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If we travel to less developed areas of the world we learn to appreciate the things we take for granted. There is so much upheaval around our world and people struggle to survive let alone flourish.

We complain about the price of our food (justifiably) yet in some areas there is no food to buy, at any price. We complain about our wages and the cost of living forgetting the state of the world at large. Some complain about their health care not recognizing it is nonexistent in other areas of the world.

Not to diminish our needs, but perhaps we can stop paying such close attention to what we think is missing in our life and perhaps appreciate what is there.

We in the developed world live gifted lives.

We can help those in more challenging situations e.g. volunteer, teach, donate, fundraise, etc. It is important to be concerned and show compassion and understanding (as best we can).

Is it time to reach out?

What can you do?

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