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The Grand Square involves at least four planets, two oppositions and four squares. The first and third planets are in opposition to one another, the second and fourth are in opposition to each other, while the first squares the second and the second squares the third and the third squares the fourth and the fourth squares the first.

A strong Grand Square will see all of the four planets in the same mode, cardinal, fixed or mutable. If one or more of the planets do not fit into these criteria, it is considered a weak Grand Square. The closer the squares and oppositions are by degree to one another, the stronger the energies of the Grand Square.

The Grand Square is considered a challenging aspect because of the general nature of these aspects. They often produce stress and inner tension which can work against the individual or offer a challenge that will require inner strength and determination to advance through these challenging life conditions. They can either become the stagnation in the lives of those under its influence or the motivating factor that has the potential of producing great strides forward.

When the Grand Square gets activated through transit or progression, these individuals will feel as though they are being pulled in four directions indicated by the planets involved and the houses that the planets are found in. They may feel over-burdened and paralyzed by life’s conditions. There is usually a planet that forms a tight trine or sextile within the Grand Square, and the energies and house placement will often help unlock the potentials found within the framework of this configuration. This contained energy needs to find a release valve and this is often where the energies are released which if used properly can produce great results.

These individuals often need to turn inward and find their own strength. Many feel as though they cannot rely on others to help them through life’s difficulties and therefore become stronger over time and very self-reliant. This is not to say that reaching out is a bad idea or that no one can assist them in their time of crisis, but many become reliant on themselves and motivate themselves forward conquering these intrusions in turn becoming stronger. Most people with challenging aspects find ways to use the energies in a helpful manner and they are often the ones that push ahead in life and make something out of themselves as time passes.

If they can find a goal or spiritual purpose behind the difficulties at hand, they can make their way in a positive direction and rise above any difficulty that comes their way. The key is to know that they are not trapped and that there is always a way out, instead of beating their heads again the proverbial wall. They are never trapped unless they allow themselves to become so.

There are many valuable lessons learned from challenging aspects found within the framework of the natal chart. We just need to address them accordingly and move through the hurdles often brought on through life’s experience.

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