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Every day is special, if we decide to look at it that way.

On this special day, take a moment to look in the mirror and make a conscious effort to acknowledge who you are, with all of your positive attributes. On this special day, take a moment to remind yourself that you will meet your expectations and reach your goals. Not only will you reach them but you will exceed them. Remind yourself that not only are you on target and in perfect alignment, but you can make anything happen. With these reminders, you will have the ability to climb any mountain, to reach any summit and quiet any storm. When you look at yourself and your abilities with a positive attitude, your abilities are enhanced, your vision is clear and your direction is obvious.

Move towards your goals while extending a helping hand to those that need assistance. This will make your goals that much more rewarding.

Stand your ground in the face of adversity for truly they are only lessons. Have the audacity to know when to be self sufficient and when to accept guidance from higher forces.

Stand tall, know your place and be free. Be the king of your jungle and have faith in yourself and the process. There is always a way! Allow you, the king of your jungle, to reign.

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