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Without life’s main ingredient nothing would hold much significance. What is this main ingredient? Love!

This is our foundation. This is where we draw all of our energies from. Without love, what can we accomplish or enjoy?

Everything begins here. No matter what we try to accomplish in our life, we need to come from a place of love. When our actions stems from the heart, we can move mountains.

Share love with family, your chosen family (friends) and even strangers you meet along the way. Share love in the work place. Enjoy love when you go for a walk. Allow love in everything you do. Does it not begin with you?

Love yourself first and everything else falls into place. If you cannot love yourself, you have placed your focus in all of the wrong places. Love is within each of us and is available to all of us.

Love has never been lost. You have been lost in recognizing its presence within you.

Love is where we have come from and it will be where we return. When our minds say we will never find love, recognize that this as ego.

You are the one deserving love and you are the one that will share love once you allow it.

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