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We can interpret ego in many different ways.

There is ego that assists you in your endeavors and helps you along the way, and then there is the ego that stands in the way of progress and inhibits growth and advancement on many levels.

If there is a quality within you or a part of your personality that you are not overly pleased with, then this is ego interference. Any part of who you believe yourself to be that is not acceptable to you is ego related. These “beliefs” can be eradicated by acknowledging the “judgement” and then letting them go and not identifying with these qualities as being a part of you. When you own these characteristics, you make them your own and then see and identify yourself as these. The minute you recognize that these qualities are not a part of your true self and stop identifying with them, you release ownership.

The part of you that reinforces good qualities, the ones that make you feel secure and content with your life’s journey is also ego generated but used wisely they can serve a positive purpose as long as we understand where they are coming from. Our true essence is far beyond these menial earthly qualities.

Remind yourself of who you truly are; a spiritual being living a very temporary earthly existence who it utilizing a vehicle that some unfortunately identify with as self. You are so much more than that identity and you have credentials that far exceed anything that you are and can currently identifying with with a limited human brain.

Your true and higher self is capable of anything, so what lies ahead is attainable and limitless. The only thing that holds you back is your limited beliefs. Once you let go of these “learned” notions, you can recognize and allow your essential self to flourish.

Recognize ego and see yourself for who you truly are. Once you are able to do this, you will also recognize that what you wish to become is already a part of who you are. You will grow at the pace that suits your evolution (and learn patience in the process). Nothing is unattainable. Open yourself up to all possibilities.

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