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The Full Moon occurring on January 27, 2020 is in the sign of Leo, the king of the jungle, the ruler, the leader and as this approaching energy is a Full Moon, it speaks of culmination points. It is interesting to note that just prior to this date (January 20/21) transiting Uranus and transiting Mars are conjunct at 6 degrees in the sign of Taurus and within the framework of this upcoming Full Moon.

The conjunction between Uranus and Mars is a volatile combination. The energies of Mars (war and aggression) align with Uranus (revolution and change) and this is the date of the inauguration of the new President into office in the US. Mars and Uranus do not sit well together, and unfortunately anything is possible.

These two planets will be in square to this Full Moon positioning, Mars 9 degrees and Uranus almost at 7 both in Taurus on January 27, 2021. This should bring some stabilizing influence, but likely some challenging conditions, particularly in around January 20/21 when the energies are the strongest.

Because Uranus and Mars are both timing factors in Astrology, these dates are significant. Squares are troublesome and bring challenging situations into the framework of the energies created by this approaching Full Moon’s positioning. The good or favorable conditions that may follow are due to the fact that squares are so troubling that they force us into action. We are pushed to resolve the conflict.

Mars is the planet of aggressive force or drive and the planet of action. Sometimes the energies in place are taken by premeditated action, but more often than not by a stimulation from within or from outside forces that pushes one into action without forewarning. Mars is often behind arguments and confrontations, but when the energies are applied appropriately, Mars can be used as a driving force towards achievement. Mars is what pushes us into action and drives us ahead in life towards the manifestation of our dreams and life objectives. Without Mars, there would be little in the area of achievement and our eventual success.

In the sign of Taurus, our actions are more restricted, and this energy may go through vigorous planning before we actually move ahead. There is less of a chance of jumping headfirst into situations and we will likely take our time before moving ahead. The actions are more deliberate and thought out.

Uranus, on the other hand, seeks change and often through revolution although the plan is associated with furthering a cause or creating change that disrupts the norm, because the norm no longer suits the growth that is required. Uranus although it can be disruptive, and erratic, it pushes us in the intended direction. In the sign of Taurus, Uranus will act more on instinct and want to serve a purpose that fosters the solidification of something that is lasting and for the betterment of all concerned.

Together, although likely disruptive, these two planets can bring in a new direction for us all that will open the door to insight and further our evolutionary quest. It does point in a new direction that hopefully will bring brotherhood and the realization that we all walk this road together and share the consequences of our actions.

“Think before you jump” could be the motto for the upcoming energy. It is important to make sure that violence is not the route to change and that a peaceful solution is not only possible, but on the priority list.

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