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Most individuals experience a mid-life turning point at ages 38-44. This is an evolutionary process where we move from early adulthood into a more evolved individual, an individual who should be fairly comfortable with whom they are. This is a time when we are restructuring our association with ourselves on a more profound level. A sense of individuality is occurring at a rapid pace, due to the major influences taking place in our lives. We are experiencing transiting Saturn in trine to its natal position and Neptune in square to its natal position which signifies inner transformations and a realistic approach to who we truly are.

There may even be a feeling of urgency with our quest in life. Our ego and the ongoing search for “who am I?” are undergoing alterations especially for those individuals that feel they need answers. There is no formal training when it comes to what many term as their midlife crisis. No one can say they are prepared, particularly because no one knows exactly what to expect. Each individual goes through their own personal experience and then an awakening takes place. This is a time of great soul searching and a desire for inner change which often coincides with outer change, as one affects and reflects the other.

The body is also undergoing physical changes during this time, and those who have placed too much attention on physical appearance may become depressed with what they are starting to see in the mirror. Many will go deep within to find out what they actually have to offer, as the appearance has been held in an elevated position most of their lives and now they must look for something with more meaning to feel good about themselves. The ego is actually in a somewhat delicate state, as the inner self gains supremacy and control, at least for those who are searching for something more.

This is often considered a turning point as we truly begin to question who we are and relentlessly search for answers. Many turn to deeper subjects such as astrology and the mystical side of life, furthering their pursuit, hoping to find some answers to some truly profound questions. This is an awakening stage as many who have been wrapped up in the material world feel empty, and now they want greater meaning in their lives.

Doors that have been boarded up are now beginning to open and a deep restlessness is awakening within. The search continues and those longing for answers begin to question their existence which opens the channels from within and enables a more intimate contact with the inner self. The process has begun, as we raise our consciousness and continue on with our mission.

At age 42 we are also experiencing the Uranus opposition with itself. This intensifies the search and often one reaches for something new to bring to the forefront of life. Some reach out for radical solutions and this is when people become bored with life and want something that is exciting and exhilarating. There is a bit of eccentricity entering the personality. Many find this new individual reaching out in need of satisfaction beyond the normal confines of life, a bit erratic and different.

These life expressions are often received on short notice and one makes untimely changes that will affect those around them. This is often quite disruptive for family members that are used to life being steady and remaining solid and secure. Some can leave their marriage partners and start a new life. In many cases the change is sudden and comes without much warning. If this time is drawing nearer, we should be ready for change and transformation as this is a very intense period. Be ready for disruption to the norm and change. Be prepared to welcome in the new.

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