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On June 22, 2018 we wrote about the Moon’s influence in our astrology chart. Today we will continue our focus on the Moon and its effects.

The energies of the Moon in the birth chart and the aspects it makes to other planets play a significant role from an emotional point of view. It is also a good indicator of our nurturing capabilities. The aspects between the Moon and other planets are far reaching and needs to be deciphered carefully.

The aspect itself will define much of the energies shared between the aspecting planet and the Moon. Conjunctions (0 degrees) in particular are emphasized and are very powerful agents for emotional release. They merge the energies of the planet in question and the Moon. As you can imagine the energies of Saturn and the Moon combined, for example, will be quite different from the energies of Venus and the Moon. The interlinking sign, as well as the house position will be how these energies are released.

The opposition (180 degrees) always involves others, while the square (90 degrees) usually represents some challenge to overcome. Both are generally considered difficult, although the energies are inclined to push us to find solutions to the issues suggested by the planet, the house and sign positions of both energies involved. Squares in particular have obstacles and challenges attached to them and push us to find a resolution to the issue at hand.

Trines (120 degrees) and sextiles (60 degrees) often suggest easy flow and opportunities. Once again, we must take into consideration the signs (especially the Moon’s sign position) and the house positions of both the Moon and the planet involved as this will help define how these energies might unfold.

Now although Saturn for example is challenging, even with easy aspects, it also provides structure and security. We learn to assimilate these energies and work constructively with them.

Saturn can provide a suitable resolution and eventual provide a tool to repair the issue associated with these aspects.

Pluto suggests change and transformation due to the necessity for growth and evolution.

Neptune suggests spiritual enlightenment through emotional connectiveness or could speak of illusionary emotional issues.

Uranus speaks of sudden and dramatic emotional interaction and a new route or direction often opens up.

Jupiter speaks of opportunities to enrich our lives through emotional interaction and positive belief structures being formed.

Mercury speaks of emotional and mental linkage and depending on the aspects involved will either help us decipher our emotional expression or cloud this expression. Much will also depend on the signs involved.

Venus speaks of an emotional connection made through expressions of love and affection.

Mars brings out our emotional expression through acts of aggression, not necessarily formidable aggression, but action on our part or through those we interact with.

There are many combinations due to the possible, planets, houses and aspects involved but these are a few expressions of our Moon and the planets linked to this luminary.

On June 27 we will look at the Moon and the Astrological elements.

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