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The New Moon and Its Link to the Full Moon

The New Moon phase is considered a time for setting new goals and putting the necessary ingredients into motion to fulfill these goals. When the Full Moon moves into the same sign or house position that the New Moon was in when you set your intentions, you will find that your goals are now coming to fulfillment. The Full Moon cycle is often linked to the feelings of reaching an end of a condition. This is when ideas come together and you have the ability to visualize the whole picture and often will instinctively know what the next steps should be to reach that goal.

In the New Moon phase, you could set plans by outlining what your intentions might be and what is necessary to facilitate this change or growth. As times goes by, reflect on how some of these goals begin to manifest, as life is always filled with opportunities. The intention is now set and as we enter into the Full Moon cycle particularly if there is a link to the sign and house position of the original New Moon phase, we will discover that either these intentions can materialize or they can deepen.

If you set your intentions on the areas of life determined by the house and sign position of the Moon, the potential for success is greater than if you set intentions in areas of life that are not linked to the house and sign position. For example, if the New Moon is in Taurus and in the fourth house, you might think about adding furniture, beautifying your home or doing work on the house, as Taurus often speaks about material comforts and the fourth house has to do with the home environment.

If using the same sign and house placement, if you decide you want to try to find a new relationship, the end result may not work out as well for you. In this circumstance, you might want to wait until the New Moon is in Libra and the house placement is in the fifth house. Libra is all about partnership and important relationships among other things and the fifth house can deals with romantic involvement.

If by chance the New Moon Cycle begins under a void –off-course Moon, (the moon making no aspects leaving one sign and entering the next) (for example the Moon is in Aries and at 27 degrees 15 minutes and is square Mars, and it will not make any more aspects to any other planets until it is 1 degree and 23 minutes Taurus, this period is known as Void-Off-Course). This could last from a few minutes, several hours or many days. It has been noted that when making plans when the Moon if void-off-course, goals usually do not materialize or things go wrong and/or not as planned. It would be better to wait until the moon is making an aspect and not void-off-course.

It is not suggested by this Astrologer that you wait when making plans or decisions in life for these opportune moments to come, but there is a better chance to make things work or taking less effort if you were to follow these guidelines.

It should be understood that there may be other mitigating conditions within the Astrology Chart making these goals difficult or challenging, in turn delaying outcomes or challenging your ideas. Always look through the whole Astrology Chart as it can help you discover if you will be presented with challenges or with easy flow in achieving your objectives.

Astrology can be used to help you in your life endeavors, but you should take the leading role in determining what actions to take. Astrology is a tool to assist you in making your decisions. It is not to dictate.

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