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The Pain of Anxiety

“Anxiety” is defined as a nervous disorder characterized by a state of excessive uneasiness and apprehension, typically with compulsive behavior or panic attacks.

Anxiety is experienced by almost everyone at some point in their lives. We become anxious with given situations but many of us learn to control this over time. Those with various Anxiety disorders will have to work much harder to conquer this disorder. The actual causes of anxiety disorders are not fully understood but progress is being made. What we are addressing here is anxiety as experienced by most of us from time to time, not Anxiety Disorders.

Many of us before beginning the journey of self-study are unaware of our ability to emotionally step back from situations. We own every experience that we happen upon in life. In the beginning of self-study, we are unaware that thoughts do not have to be owned and do not have to be taken personally. Unfortunately, without fully understanding, we choose to relate to every thought and every emotion we experience and we can run with these. We take them on and own them. We see them as part of the self.

Through self-study and personal work, it becomes our goal to gain control of our reactions to, and thoughts about, situations before we become fully involved emotionally. Unfortunately, once we are fully involved logical thinking or rational is an extremely difficult state to obtain.

Anxiety and its associated behaviours and thought processes are difficult to control in the beginning. Without forethought, we allow our minds to manifest our thoughts and emotions into something larger than the anticipated events or what the actual events truly are. These unchecked emotions and thought processes create excessive worry and allow anxiety to manifest. This allowance feeds our negative responses and reactions. Negativity provides the illusion that our thoughts are reality. Again, we remind you, we are referring to basic anxiety and not an anxiety disorder.

What benefit is there in anticipating a possible stressful or negative event or outcome?

Does worry eliminate the event?

Does anticipation change the outcome?

Negative interaction actually gives power to that potential event to take shape and end with a less than desirable outcome.

In reality, we only have this very moment that we are living. The past is behind us and the future never truly arrives. We have this moment and this moment only. This very instant is the only real thing that exists.

Realizing that no amount of worry or anxiety will change our future in a positive way is a giant step forward. Before we can eliminate our less than positive thoughts however, we have to realize that our thought process is our own creation.

What do you prefer to create.....a positive outlook and therefore a more positive future, or a heavy negative outlook and therefore a less than ideal future (our focus does create our reality over time).

If this moment feels negative, review your attitude. If you are in a grateful state, you will not feel that this moment in time is terrible. A grateful state creates positive energy.

On the other hand, anxiety builds over time if left unchecked, and will strengthen. It flourishes through our focus, if we choose to leave this emotion unchecked.

Channel your thoughts in controlled directions. The best approach is to dismiss any ideas linked to anxiety as non-essential and irrelevant thoughts. It is imperative to do this prior to allowing them to grow out of proportion. Do not identify with them. These thoughts are not who you are; they are only thoughts. Do not let them own you.

The more we practice gratitude, the faster we recognize sparks of negativity. The earlier we recognize the spark of negativity, the earlier we can smother the spark before it becomes a fire of anxiety.

Channel your focus on what is good in your life no matter how challenging, because we all eventually become consumed by what we focus on. The Idea is to change our focus. Focus on all that is good and calming and brings happiness into the focus of your mind. It WILL take work, but with persistence and patience we can remove the control negative ideas have over us and then remove worries from our focus. In so doing, we will create more concentration on what truly matters in our lives.

We will eventually become proficient at noticing these invasive thoughts in their infancy and break the habit of nurturing them into fruition. We can do this!

Live in the moment for it is all we truly have. We have the ability to rise above anxiety and to channel our thoughts to those of gratitude.

We all deserve peace of mind.

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