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If you were born between mid-1957 to mid-1972, you are the Pluto in Virgo generation, give or take a few months either side of this time frame, as Pluto went retrograde during this period (appearing to move backwards in the heavens).

This generation may be somewhat obsessive about their health and cleanliness. They are intensely interested in keeping their body in top shape if they are able, through rigorous exercise routines and proper diet. This may vary, however, depending on what house Pluto is in within their natal chart and the aspects applied to Pluto.

Virgo can become obsessively involved in many things, as they have great analytical perception and the ability to uncover life’s minute details.

In general, most Pluto in Virgo individuals find their working life rather important to them and they push themselves trying to find perfection and uncovering all the minute flaws within the working environment. Some prefer to remain in the background rather than being up front and getting all of the attention. Behind the scenes analytical and research work will suit most individuals born with this combination. They would make excellent detectives and specialists in fields such as psychology, parapsychology and virtually any field that requires deep concentration and deep focus. They are usually absorbed in their work and comfortable in knowing that they are doing their best. Doing their best is a compulsive need and this is why they are highly sought after in the working environment.

These individuals are inwardly intense, analysing themselves, identifying flaws and could become overly critical of themselves and others to the point of obsession, yet have difficulty accepting criticism. When angered they usually become quite heated yet they can keep most of what they feel inside. They need to find a way to release this pent up anger and stop worrying over issues. This can lead to health related issues as life progresses, especially nervous conditions. Rigorous exercise such as running, the martial arts, and anything that pushes the body and releases the mind from the day’s activities will assist in letting go of these feelings. Gentle exercise routines such as Yoga, Tie-Chee can also do wonders for these individuals. Without such physical release, restrictions and dis-ease in the body can occur.

These people are inwardly intense and need deep study as there is a yearning for understanding any subject in great detail, especially themselves. A profession in research, institutional occupations or working in government positions would be of interest to these individuals. They make good counsellors, pharmaceutical engineers, and mechanics, anything related to detailed work.

There may also be an interest in all hidden matters, such as the occult and the fields of metaphysics. Any mystery holds their interest and they are great at solving deep internalized issues in others. Most at some point in their lives will redirect their energy outward after transforming their lives, through self-actualization techniques, but not until they have completed a compulsory self-study and understand entirely what makes them tick. Once they make this transformation to a higher sense of being, there is great healing power in many of these individuals. They can use this gift to assist others and help them overcome many of their life’s deficiencies.

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