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The progressed Moon moves through the zodiac, one degree a month. Its effects are important and usually signify that a change of events is in store (delineated by the sign and house position as it moves through the horoscope). You will feel its effect for approximately a three month period, culminating in intensity in the middle month when it goes direct with another planet or angle in your personal chart.

The progressed Moon is often used as a timing factor in Astrology. As major transits from the outer planets make aspects in the natal chart, the progressed Moon often supplies the energies to make things happen. Some of the outer planets’ energies can be in force for several years and when the Progressed Moon moves into direct aspect (if Pluto for example is at 12 degrees any sign, when the Moon moves into 12degrees any sign) it will intensify the energies of the planets involved and the area of life represented by the houses involved.

Events will unfold as it makes an aspect. The conjunction is the most powerful aspect and will stimulate activity and the energies will be unleashed. The square often indicates some struggles while the opposition suggests challenging conditions often brought on through someone else’s actions or by life events.

Also have a look at eclipses to see if they are near the angles indicated as they can stimulate activity even if the eclipse is not direct. An eclipse that is out by 3 degrees can still have an effect on the overall conditions set in motion by the transits and the progressed Moon.

You will also have to check the sign the progressed Moon is moving through, particularly when it enters into a new sign. The sign and its indicators as well as the planet ruling the sign will define what to expect over a 2 ½ year time frame. Each sign and house placement will carry with it the meanings associated with the house and sign, and these energies will have an impact during the times involved. The cardinal signs and angular house cusps often activate activities pertaining to the energies associated with these placements.

The signs and the adjacent house positions will indicate what you might expect. The energies are quite strong as the Moon moves into a new house (house cusp position) and you will feel the energies shift as the action takes place.

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