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The Quintile is considered a minor aspect in Astrology. When two planets or significant points are in Quintile with one another, the angle is 72 degrees and for the Bi-Quintile the degree is 144. We will be focusing on the Quintile in this post. This aspect has a very tight orb of influence and you should give it no more than one degree of separation. (70-74degrees)

The Quintile is an aspect linked to inspiration, talent on a very individual level and creativity. This talent is considered to be God-given and is not necessarily a learned art. It is often unique to the individual and the creative style of the recipient is distinctive and sets them apart from the rest. It is said that the Quintile has a resemblance of the energies of Mercury and is linked with the mind and thought process. There is uniqueness in the work of these individuals and they often pursue their distinctive style relentlessly. It is as if they are obsessive and there is a need to master their particular technique.

The talent is uncommon and in most cases it is not something that can be learned from sources outside of self. Perhaps those that possess the talents linked to the Quintile are being guided through spirit. Many of us have a Quintile or two in our charts as this is common, but to have more than three and to have them tightly configured is not common. You have to have at least three to have this as an influence in your chart. If the progressed chart has many of these Quintiles and Bi-Quintiles it could be a talent that is being brought to the surface, although it should be in the birth chart first, as this is a blueprint for the life of the individual.

Those that have this God-given creative talent may use their inborn knowledge or talent to assist others. The expression of the Quintile has to be delineated through the planets involved and their energies, the signs that these planets are located in and the houses where they fall. You can also look to the natal chart and others linking aspects that might add to the flavour of these unique aspects. Any planet that forms a tight aspect to one of the planets or points in this configuration would add to the overall picture of the energies and offer some insight into the possible ramifications and outlet for the talents to be released.

The need for these individuals to understand their inborn traits is immense and there is an obsessive quality linked to uncovering their full potential. This intense search can become a life-long passion and they will not stop short of complete understanding and full use of the talent in question. They have an obsessive need to learn it completely. This will be their prime objective. Their search for perfecting and understanding this talent will intensify as time passes.

If you as a parent have been made aware of an emphasis in the chart of your child and are offered understanding into what area of life it is accentuated in, it is highly suggested that you do your best to help your child uncover these abilities and never create hurdles for these talents or obscure tendencies from reaching their maturation. These are unique individuals and have something important to offer to the world around them. These individuals should be allowed to express themselves in whatever unique fashion that is comfortable to them.

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