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With all of the challenged associated with losing someone near and dear, it is important to experience all of the feelings and emotions linked to death. It is not uncommon to want to escape these feelings but so important to experience them. It is certainly feels torturous at times to allow these emotions to surface and it seems much easier just to bury these intense feels and try to avoid the experience. In reality, we cannot run from these emotions and eventually, we must meet them head on.

It is difficult accepting the loss of a loved one, especially those that we define as untimely. Sometimes it is hard to understand the “why” behind some life events, but if you allow the rational of our higher self, we will understand that it is the choice of the soul to leave this earthly experience when they do. Regardless of how it happens, the timing is correct; and they are ready to move on to the next level of experience.

We can be greatly troubled by these events and some of us hang on to the loss far longer than others. By holding on, we experience grief at a heightened level which continually affects us emotionally. As a result of extended emotional stress, dis-ease can and will eventually play havoc on all of us, mentally, physically or both.

Our loved ones that have now passed into the next realm would undoubtedly want us to experience our grief, let go and then move forward. They do not want us to experience any more pain than necessary to allow and let go.

If we accept that there is life beyond our earthly existence that is awaiting us all and that death is actually just the passage from one form of life into another, it will assist us in letting go. We then can go inside and listen to our inner voice and our guides to hear the messages we need to move forward. Our loved ones are never far off and will reassure us of this in their own particular way. When we are ready, we will recognize that they are communicating with us.

These forms of communication can be challenging and we might only get tidbits of information coming through. It will be on a level that is very subdued compared to our earthly communication. Through acceptance and “living”, we will eventually come to terms with their passing over and on some level will move forward with our lives. We will eventually come to terms with the agony of the experience and we will recover, at our own individual speed.

Letting go is the challenge but is inevitable.

If we allow, we will recover from each of life’s experiences. Love always prevails. In order to experience happiness once again, we must let life take us in whatever direction we are suppose to go. With our future at hand and the eternal now always here, we will find our way. Believe that we will once again be content and happy.

Have faith in your journey.


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