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No matter what our expectations may be, life is always on track. There are always many twists and turns on the journey. It certainly is not always a smooth ride; and after relentlessly paddling up stream and getting nowhere, we generally allow the boat of life to turn around and flow with the current. Certainly, we have to have a little faith in that process. The current (events in life) is set in motion to guide and assist us throughout our journey. Our expectations and attitude can make the ride rather rough or they can make this journey enjoyable.

We can certainly make adjustments along the way but remember we will never conquer the current by trying to paddle up stream. Our focus and our attitude towards the journey are what guide our boat. If we are unhappy with our journey, we have to examine why we feel that way. What expectations have we put in place? What lesson do we need to learn to continue downstream? Nothing within the river is there to hinder our journey. The rocks are not there for our convenience or detriment. They just are. If we run into one, maybe it was time to stop and utilize the rock as an anchor to take time to appreciate the view.

When we come to a “Y” in the river, we can take either route. Both will lead us to the ocean. One may have more rapids than the other but once we have committed there is no turning back. You can’t place the blame on anyone or anything. The route with the rapids may be more of a struggle but the lesson learned to navigate safely are invaluable.

Life has many choices and paths to follow. There are many avenues of expression along the river of life. We cannot wish the obstacle to be gone but we can certainly learn to maneuver around them or use them to our advantage. Remain positive throughout all of life’s experiences. Stay true to yourself and do what must be done. Never give in to negativity and remember, allowing is not a form of letting go. You have what it takes to overcome all of the obstacles that come between you and contentment.

If you get stranded as most of us do from time to time, do not be afraid to reach for the life lines thrown to you. Remember, we are not alone in this journey.

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