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The Road Less Travelled

It is incredible to realize how so many individuals are now sharing this mystical journey and although we have been on this route all of our lives, there are countless individuals that are now focused on this ongoing process. We are awakening as a group; each one of us connected with one another. We are sharing our experiences and moving in our intentional direction. How fortunate we are to have decided to come together during this time and experience this life together?

We travel down this road of life not knowing what will be around the next corner, but walk with enthusiasm and purpose. As commented earlier, we are spiritual beings living in a human experience through all channels available and continually seeking to connect with our pure essence.

Perhaps we have come together as a collective group to stir our world through living and breathing loving consciousness into those around us through example. What a responsibility!

As we explore and begin to unfold, we will uncover parts of our identify that are not too pleasing. This is part of the process and uncovering these darker sides to our personality enables us to rid ourselves of these so called demons and clear room for the true personality emerging.

It can be a challenging time but it is also an exciting, enlightening time. As we uncover the facets of our being bringing to light our spiritual connection we excel the process. We consciously tune in more frequently and see the results of our continuous pursuit. We seem to excel more rapidly--some say we are vibrating at a higher frequency.

As we evolve in our consciousness, we assist in the overall movement of our world in its intended direction--joining together as a force and spiraling our world inhabitants towards their projected path.

Love is the purpose and we cannot experience love without first “activating it” within our being, or more accurately “acknowledging it” as it already resides within each of us.

Keep up your great work and know that you are constantly guided by our pure essence. You are never alone and especially blessed when you are going through transitional experiences and challenging times as we are truly moving forward at these times in leaps and bounds. We walk our own private road, but all hold hands moving ever forward in our pursuit on the path to enlightenment.

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