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The Road to Discovery Part I

Without imagination, inspiration would not have a catalyst. Artists use their imagination to create magnificent pieces of work. This is the starting point. It is where the idea begins to manifest. When it comes to imagination and psychic potential, the gap is very narrow. As a result, it is important to examine our messages to ensure that we are not putting our mental thoughts into the message. Are we receiving from our mind, our imagination or both?

How do you tell the difference?

When spirit is speaking through us or our higher self is communicating to us, for most of us, the communication differs from the ego. Again, the receipt of information is different from how we carry on a conversation with ourselves. When we use our imagination and pay attention to how we converse internally, the words are normally defined in time frames no different from a communication between two people. We hear the words and each one is separated by time. A sentence or a thought may take seconds and sometimes even minutes to unfold, while communication on the spiritual level happens without any passage of time. Everything is said and completely understood in a spit second. It is as though it happens in an instant and even if the process should otherwise be drawn out, you understand what is being conveyed immediately. Please remember, we are speaking in general terms and this may vary from one individual to another.

This is part of the problem when we are hearing spirit speak to us as in most cases it sounds like our own inner voice, but if you truly examine the message there actually is no voice, as words and voice are earthly and message from spirit cannot be described as “earthly”. Because the messages are not of this place, it is almost impossible to describe them with words.

Similarly, when we try to describe something that we are seeing, it is not of this place so although we see it, in general we do not see spirit as we see everyday visuals, although again with some individuals there are exceptions even to this. Sometimes we see spirit as flashes or movements. Once again, it is almost impossible to define because when we say flashes or movement it is not as we would terms these things in our earthly way of expressing them, but there are no clearer words to describe it.

There are some individuals who do see spirit in forms that are very much like that which we see when we see people of this earth, although generally there is something different that helps us distinguish between material people and spiritual energy.

Generally, some of us see spirit as a bluish material or cloud-like. Others have described them as orbs, round circles and bluish in colour. Still others see a cloudy material as thought the room is smoky with the energy of these higher sources.

Their words are direct, yet it is very subtle, almost not noticeable at all. As a matter of fact, in general, the whole experience of psychic phenomena is extremely subtle and almost unnoticeable. Of course, the experiences can vary somewhat from person to person.

Address all conditions entering your life with some type of questioning. It is healthy to have some scepticism and not to follow anything blindly. We are our own best guides, and we will learn in our own way and in our own time. One thing is for certain, you cannot rush the experience. All things happen as they should and they will never happen before we are ready for them, even if you believe the contrary.

Monday, we will continue with our road to discovery topic.


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