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The Road to Discovery Part II

Today we are continuing from Friday with our looking at our road to discovery. As mentioned we slowly begin to recognize the difference between our imagination and actual messages of truth from our higher self, our guides, our source, etc.

Most of us find it difficult to have patience. We will need to stay open and to let the information and awareness enter as it will. Once we make the decision to continue on this quest for truth and the door opens, which it will, be patient. There will be no turning back.

The biggest lesson that many individuals on this route has to learn is patience. Nothing happens until it is meant to happen. We cannot rush things. One thing is for sure the truth is available to everyone if they choose to open that door, no exceptions.

There are many living the life of illusion. The material world has them caught up completely and they see nothing else beyond that. Because of this, there will be days that we feel so alone, longing for someone to share our wealth of information with. However as we progress, we will naturally draw others to us with similar interests and belief structures as our own.

It is a magnificent journey we have embarking on. Periodically take time to stop and realize just how fortunate you to have your awareness.

It does not, however, always work in ways that are easy. As a matter of fact it is a challenging road, especially silencing the ego and keeping your focus on the greater good. In the beginning during our major adjustments to our lives and during the discovering period of our qualities that we might not like too much, it is especially challenging. With practice and change and when it becomes clear that the ego is the only thing that makes us feel uncomfortable, it is much easier to understand our road and the why behind our life’s journey.

Stay alert. Live in the moment. Always enjoy life and the opportunities it offers. Realize that gratitude and enjoyment is a choice. Help others as much as possible. Love completely. Be contentment. These are the true gifts of living our earthly existence. The door is wide open all you have to do is take that first step.


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