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The Road to Growth

Have you been through a traumatic experience in the recent past? Are there scars left over from the incident? Are you having a difficult time moving forward with your life or getting over the challenge?

There certainly are times in life when we experience turning points when our ways of life are challenged or transformed drastically. Leaving a partnership, experiencing a job change, experiencing the death of someone, or experiencing serious health conditions, to name a few, can be challenging to say the least.

As we age we become more accustomed to facing these life obstructions and challenging conditions, although the experience of the transition is usually never an easy one. The only thing that experience offers is the knowing that while life runs smoothly we need to give thanks and enjoy the ride. We have also learned that allowing the imagination to work overtime and to worry about “potential” events is a waste of time. More often than not, the things that we worry about never materialize. Life is much easier if we stay focused in the here and now, if we enjoy life and respect the challenges that we face knowing that they are relevant and provide us with needed growth.

A life without some type of turbulence offers little in the area of growth. It is through the traumatic experiences in life that we evolve.

Know that life always continues and the road to recovery may be challenging but we will inevitably make it through each and every obstacle if we have the proper outlook. With a positive attitude we will begin anew with fresh insight and knowledge that we can utilize.

Many times these transitional times offer new directions and allow us to move forward into new beginnings that are essential to our evolutionary growth. We are confronted with life issues when transformation is required; and to hold on to the past, trying to remain unchanged only makes the eventual transition more challenging and more intrusive.

Know that we here to learn valuable lessons, and to experience, which pushes us to grow. Our higher self knows instinctively what it is we need for growth.

Life can be demanding at times. Know that armed with a positive attitude, you have the ability to endure and that nothing will be so great that you cannot overcome and resolve. You are here to live, learn, experience and enjoy. Hold on to the knowledge that you picked this life for your own higher good.

Take full responsibility for what takes place in your life and do not lay blame. It is what it is. It is meant to be. This knowledge is all that you need to take with you.

The experiences and the knowledge that are gained from these experiences are stepping stones to your evolutionary growth. Live your life through love. Accept that life is as it should be and through each and every experience you expand and grow.

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