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Some people believe that we are defined by how we dress. Some believe we are defined by our financial status and the car we drive, our home and its furnishings. Many view and judge us by these material possessions. This labeling can go even further and we are a reflection of how our children behave in public when they are small or teens or what our children do as adults is also a reflection on us as parents.

Truly many of us differ from who the inner person is compared to the outer personality that we shown to the world. In astrology, the inner self is defined by our Sun sign and our outer self is defined by our Ascendant personality which can certainly be two complexly separate personality types.

In truth, how others perceive us is really insignificant and what really matters is how we see ourselves. Do we like what we see? Are we comfortable in displaying our inner qualities to the outside world? If the answer is no, we need to ask ourselves why. If the answer is yes, we could also examine the reason why.

In truth we are who we are. Definition is only important to our ego. Our inner, higher self is our true personality and unfortunately, in many cases this personality is not fully revealed to the outside world due to ego’s interference. Why does the ego want us to hide our true identity? Is it uncomfortable with this expression?

In truth it really does not matter what the ego wants. We must strive to shed the shackles of ego and not worry about answering or bowing to its demands.

After a good hard look inside, if we do not like what you see, we can accept that what we are undoubtedly seeing is the ego’s reflection, which is not who we are at all. We are all the positive qualities that reflect our being, and these connect us with source.

We strive to realize and understand. Our external expression can and should reflect our inner magnificence, our inner peace and our inner love.

The true self is perfect without flaws and always at peace. We cannot allow ego to coerce us into believing that we are anything less.

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