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Take a close look around you. Are people around you changing or shifting their attitudes or is all basically remaining the same? What is your current situation?

Do you find that your attention seems to be shifting from outside interactions in your daily life to a more inward reflection of higher principles? Are your thoughts directed towards material gain or is there a spiritual connection forming?

If you are beginning to take note of these transformations, understand that you are not alone. There are countless others experiencing this shift of consciousness. Many are talking about a grand scale, world-wide shift. More and more individuals are taking note that the relentless pursuit of financial gain and the fulfillment experience from this pursuit is very short lived and far from satisfying.

There is a shift and we are all part of it. It begins with a stir from within in our consciousness and a desire or need for more. Most of us understand that there is more going on in this life than meets the eye and a constant yearning is being experienced. To satisfy this hunger, we must open the channels of our deeper perception. We are on the move and awakening together in large numbers although each of us is at our own levels of awareness. We are, however, all moving in the same direction.

This shift is centred within but as it begins to unfold, we also realization that the internal shift resonates to our outside world. Many individuals are performing many different practices such as meditation or are involved in groups to assist in this awakening process. Even friendships are changing and there is a more open dialogue between people.

As we walk this road of life together, allow the experience to be awe inspiring. Enjoy the wonderment and the beauty and stay true to your inner self. Understand that this unfolding comes from the deepest reservoir within your psyche. You are regaining your connection to all that is and your calling is unfolding as self-realization unfolds. Spread your wings and fly!

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