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The Sign Cancer in Astrology

The Sun moves into the sign of Cancer this weekend. Anyone with their Sun in this sign, strong planetary influences in the fourth house, Sun in the fourth house and the Rising sign in Cancer will find their character traits reflected in what is written below.

The Sun Sign represents who we are on the inside and, among other things, has to do with our identity and the way we embrace this earthly existence. The Ascendant or Rising Sign is an expression of who we are on the outside and how others see us. Keep this in mind and understand the difference between the Ascendant and the Sun when you review these Cancer tendencies.

Cancerians may not rationalize everything as might Virgo individuals nor philosophize about life as might Sagittarius individuals but they are attached to the emotions and use their sensitivity to absorb life’s events.

Many with strong emphasis in the Sign of Cancer have a real difficult time separating their feelings from their thoughts. They feel what they think and this unique insight can often lead to the opening of channels to intuition and psychic perception, as these gifts are not part of the intellect. With these strong emotional ties to their personality, they are usually known for their gentleness and tranquil nature. Do not be fooled by perhaps their standoffish manner especially when ridiculed or when they feel attacked emotionally for there is a lot that goes on beneath the surface. These individuals are deep and reflective and often prone to emotional confrontations within themselves.

They are the mothering and nurturing sign of the Zodiac and are very protective of those they love. As a mother protects her offspring so too will an individual with strong Cancer tendencies. Do not be deceived by their gentle nature for if you threaten their loved ones they will unleash a protective barrier that you will not be able to penetrate. They are overly protective instinctively. They can feel the moods of those around them and will move into their protective shell when they, themselves are threatened, but will lash out if there is emotional danger or physical danger to those they love.

As children they are usually very helpful wishing to please and sensitive to their environment. Great harm can be caused and may hinder their development if there is strife within the family unit or in the home environment. They need loving tenderness and should be allowed to explore their great sensitivity at an early age. Do not shut down their emotional makeup. This teaches them to understand their own emotional temperament and will assist them as they mature into themselves over time. If there are any psychic tendencies at a young age these tendencies should be reinforced and they should be allowed to explore this side of their nature rather than be shut down and told that it is not real.

The sensitivity that is so inherent within this group of unique individuals can become their greatest asset as time passes or become their weakest element in their psyche if self-expression is hindered. Open yourself to sensitivity and unlock your Cancer tendencies within. Find your expression

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