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Planets located on the Ascendant and MC have a very powerful effect in our natal charts. When these two areas are aspected by transit, quite often things happen and our lives are stirred. The other cusps are also important when a transiting planet (in particular a progressed planet) crosses over any house cusps. The strongest point of impact (when you notice a change) will be when they pass over the cusps and this is particularly true if they station on one of these cusps.

A planet that goes into retrograde over one of these house cusps can move over this area up to three times and this has an impact on the area of life the house represents and with the energies of the planet involved. Once the transiting planet moves into the house and will not go into retrograde over that cusp again, the energies lose some of their strength or intensity.

It has been noted that individuals with a 0 to 1.5 degree Cardinal cusp on the Ascendant and Midheaven appear to get recognition over their life time. Some become famous or infamous, much depends if any planets are making aspects to these areas and which planets as well as what aspects are part of the equation. We are referencing to a natal chart and for many this is a very real potential. Moving to a different location and having a rectification chart prepared may bring on this potential or take this potential away, depending on the positions in the horoscope and how far away you have moved.

In Transit and especially with Progressions, the house cusps become very significant. If, for example, you have Pluto moving over the second house cusp and this could last up to one year, you will often notice a fluctuation in the finances. Security goes through a transformation and you will uncover deeper connections to your feelings of security in life.

If the same planet moves across the seventh house cusp there may be transformations in a marriage relationship or business partnership. Some marriages dissolve under this transit, some relationships are made under this transit, but one thing is for certain, the relationship itself will go through some challenging conditions where issues come to the surface. These issues must be dealt with appropriately. A strong relationship will survive the lesson of this transit, but a weak one may not.

It is important to see how the transiting planet makes aspects to other planets during this transit. This will determine the intensity of what takes place. It is also important to check what the natal potential suggests. Several challenging aspects in the natal chart to Pluto would stay with Pluto, as an example. With this example, real struggle would be indicated. Mostly positive aspects to the planet in the Natal chart would prove to be quite beneficial.

Pay particular attention to the progressed planets making a conjunction to a cusp as this could last for an extended period of time. In general when the progressed planet is within 12 minutes of being direct, this will be when the strongest time for activity will be felt. As it separates and moves across the cusp, its energies will weaken and eventually pass.

House cusps are very significant, especially when you are dealing with a solar return period. Have a close look at your chart or have a professional delineate it for you. What cusps are active in your life.

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